Video: Putting a Haltech iC-7 dash into Supermang!

Scotty adorns the VN with a brand-new Haltech iC-7 as he gets it ready to go racing!

Photographers: Matt Hull
Videographers: Matt Hull

We love shoving Haltech’s high-tech gear into our crummy Carnage machines, so Scotty decided to kit out our L67-swapped VN Commodore with a brand-new iC-7 dash before it makes its debut down the drag strip.

As a quick refresher, we opted for one of Haltech’s plug-and-play Platinum Sport+ GM ECUs to help run the hotted-up L67 in the Berlina.

Installing the iC-7 dash was super-easy. It reads all the information from the Haltech ECU from a single plug-in connector, and Scotty sourced a 3D-printed dash insert for it that fits perfectly in place of the original cluster.

While the dash can read the ECU’s data such as rpm and water temp, other basic things, including the speedo, indicators, fuel gauge and other gubbins, use separate inputs outside of the ECU’s wiring in the VN.

That meant Scotty had to wire in the provisions for all those ancillaries, and opted to order a GPS plug-in unit for the speedo that you can buy direct from Haltech instead of messing with the original wiring.

The other cool piece of the Haltech dash is the ability to set up a plethora of warnings and alarms for the vitals. We’ve used it in the Trolvo before to stop the car boiling over on the Street Machine Summernats cruise route, so for the Berlina Scotty set up an alarm for the intake manifold temperature.

The inlet temps are the biggest Achilles’ heel for the VN with the current blower set-up on the L67, so an alarm for extra-high temps will come in handy in the heat at Heathcote Dragway.

With the dash wired in, the VN is ready to race! Scotty will be heading to Heathcote Park Raceway on Friday to test the car’s legs and make sure nothing will break, before taking it up to Sydney for Haltech’s Birthday Bash on 18 December.