Lightning McBarra gets a new engine – Carnage episode 50

The Carnage boys fit a green-top Barra to our Mazda MX-5


THERE is no racing going on in Australia, but Scotty and Kian will be ready to torture tyres as soon as the lockdown lifts!

We blew the long-suffering, stop-gap Barra we fitted to the Lightning McBarra Mazda MX-5 on the dyno earlier this year – which we kind of expected. So Scotty grabbed a LPG-spec Barra for just $500, to take advantage of their stronger rods.

He added uprated valve springs, a better oil pump, decent head gasket and a few other pieces to help the six-pot survive the punishment that is going to come.

In this episode, Scotty and Kian fit the new motor into the MX-5 and run it up on the Maxx Performance rolling road.