Supercharged L67 rebuild, part three – Carnage

Scotty bangs the rods back into our little L67 destined for Supermang


IN THIS episode of Carnage, the budget rebuild continues on our L67 for the ‘Supermang’ VN Berlina, as Scotty gets to work putting the rods in.

If you’ve keeping track, you’ll know that for a rebuild using OEM parts, it has been a very painful process. First it took two sets of bearings to get the crank in happily, and then Scotty found he had to get the original rods resized by the boys at Top Torque because – surprise, surprise – the new bearings for the rods didn’t fit.

That’s all last episode’s problem, though. This time around, Scotty slaps some new, re-gapped rings onto the rods before carefully slotting them back into the L67 with the help of some fresh Valvoline to get them safely into the bores.

This process did take a while, but that’s mainly because we’re using ARP rod bolts and Scotty had to check the stretch on every single one. It’s a time-consuming process, but with this much effort going into the engine, it pays to be thorough!

Sadly, just after we wrapped shooting on this episode, Victoria was placed into a seven-day lockdown. While that means we have to hit pause on all the normal workshop projects, those who have been waiting for progress on our Valiant wagon restoration can rejoice! Scotty will be bashing away at it from home, so expect some videos on that soon.