Building a Barra for boost, part two – Carnage Plus episode 61

We throw our LPG Barra back together and get it ready for its new home in the MX-5


IN PART two of our boost-happy Barra build, we slap together the new LPG engine from ACM Parts with a bunch of cool gear ready to bake rubber in our MX-5.

Part one saw Scotty tear the thing down to a short block and get rid of any junk we didn’t need, as well as installing a bunch of goodies from Dominator Motorsports, including oil pump gears and some killer valve springs.

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With those jobs done, in this episode we bolt the head back on with some Dominator Motorsports head studs and an MLS head gasket to stop any unwanted blow-outs.

We also get the customised sump back from the boys at Maxx Performance, who turn Scotty’s dog’s breakfast of a sump cut-and-shut into a piece of art.

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From there, the renovated oil pump goes on, along with the cams, timing gear, rocker cover and a shiny new set of coil packs gifted to us by a truly awesome fan.

The next episode of the Barra-swapped MX-5 will see us slap the engine in and hit the dyno once again at Maxx Performance, so make sure you keep an eye out for that.