Carnage Plus Episode Nine – Toxic Avenger nitrous fire – the Director’s Cut

Remember the Toxic Avenger nitrous fire? Here’s all the footage from every angle


NOTHING gets the pulse racing quicker than a fire in your car. If it happens when you’re driving, then the pucker factor goes all the way to eleven. This explains why I made a hasty exit from the Toxic Avenger Territory when the 125hp shot proved too much for the old girl, and it went up in flames.

As far as we can figure, the factory fuel pump was already a bit sad when we bought the car and the 75hp jets were the limit of the fuel system’s capabilities. When I plugged in the 125hp jets, the fuel supply leaned out and backfired. This sprayed burning fuel across the engine bay and melted every piece of plastic in the vicinity.

Thankfully the Calder Park safety guys were on the scene quickly to put the fire out, and amazingly the Territory fired up again and we drove it on the trailer to fight another day. It wasn’t until we started messing about with the wiring loom that things started to go awry. Which is what prompted us to replace the loom, then the engine, and finally ditch the nitrous for a turbo in the latest episode of Carnage.

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