Carnage Plus EP25 Barra-powered Mustang and Valvoline oil station

Scotty checks out the Tuff Mounts Mustang at MPW Performance and assembles our new Valvoline oil station


IN this episode of Carnage Plus, Scotty visits MPW Performance to check out progress on the Tuff Mounts Mustang and assembles our new Valvoline oil station.

If you haven’t caught up with the Tuff Mounts Mustang dubbed FOXSAKE, you can check out the start off the build here.

Suffice to say, Jason and the team started with a mint ’89 LX Mustang and mated it to Australia’s best-ever straight six. The FG mill is backed by a Muscle Garage-built TH400 with a Torque Power bellhousing, and a 4000rpm TCE torque converter. The flash intake is a Plazmaman item and the turbo is a Borg Warner SXE369 from GCG Turbochargers 

The MPW crew are now in the process of fitting a roll cage to the Muzzy, certified down to 8.0-seconds. It will also cop a parachute, rear coil overs and an Enemies Everywhere anti roll bar kit.

The boys will then get the car ready to fire up, taking care of the fuel system, installing the Plazmaman intercooler and doing the wiring, using a Haltech terminated loom, Haltech Elite 2500 ECU and Haltech dash. 

Jason is hoping to race enter the car in Drag Challenge 2019, though his involvement with SEMA this year will make it a tight-run thing. Fingers crossed!