We’re given a V8 coupe! – Carnage Plus episode 88

A Carnage fan gifts us a two-door weapon with a bent-eight under the bonnet


OUR favourite type of beer is ‘free’; our second-favourite is ‘cold’. And recently we were offered the automotive equivalent of this by a Carnage fan: a luxurious two-door coupe with a V8 under the bonnet!

James got in contact with us saying he had a Toyota Soarer taking up space at his property and that it had a date with the local wreckers if we didn’t take it off his hands. The earlier 90s Soarers came with a choice of either a 1JZ turbo engine or, in the case of our new barge, the famous 1UZ 4.0-litre quad-cam V8.

The car used to be James’s sister’s daily driver before it eventually ended up in James’s paddock as a weekend bash toy. Because of the latter, it’s suspected that one of the lines to the factory airbags has a nice big hole in it now – hence the ‘stance king’ ride height it currently has.

Despite this, the car still runs and drives fine, which makes it perfect for yet another one of our devious Carnage schemes. We can’t say what our plans are just yet, but the Soarer shell will likely end up in the bin and the 1UZ in a much cooler and more capable car.

So keep an eye on future Carnage content to see what we get up to with this thing – we promise the wait will be worth it.