Video: Building a 400hp 318ci Chrysler small-block

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty starts piecing together the 318 Chrysler small-block for his dad’s Valiant

Photographers: Matt Hull

The build of the 318ci small-block Chrysler for Scotty’s dad’s VE Valiant ute finally gets underway in this latest episode of Carnage, and it should prove to be one little angry mill, with Scotty targeting 400hp and 12-second ETs from the donk.

For those just tuning in, Scotty has spent the past few weeks getting his dad’s ute ready to receive the Chrysler small-block, but so far the car has fought back, with rust and suspension/brake issues slowing down the build process.

While Scotty was dealing with those headaches, the boys at Top Torque in Vermont, Melbourne took care of massaging the 318 short-block to get it ready for a new set of KB high-comp pistons. They did all the hard yards of measuring and machining, along with decking and honing the block. They also had to slightly machine the new pistons to suit the Edelbrock cylinder heads Scotty will be using.

That meant all Scotty had to do back in the Carnage workshop was double-check both the crank and rod clearance using Plastigauge, before bolting it all together and torqueing it up.

Part of that also included gapping the top piston rings. Because the KB pistons sit high in the bore to get the high compression ratio, the ring gaps needed for an angry motor are a fair bit bigger than the norm. Scotty filed down all the top rings to 32thou, which will suit street use while still giving leeway for some decent abuse on track and even a squirt of nitrous if he’s feeling cheeky.

Tune in later this week for more progress on the 318 build, and a special thanks to Valvoline, which departs Carnage this episode after a long-serving sponsorship. We can’t make this show without our sponsors’ support, so a big props to Hare & Forbes and Ryobi for providing all the killer workshop gear and making our crazy Carnage exploits possible.