The highlight reel from Ultimate Burnout Challenge 8 at the Ballarat airport with fires, crashes and more!

Videographers: Peter Flint

ULTIMATE Burnout Challenge 8 at the Ballarat Airport had its fair share of thrills and spills as some of the meanest burnout beasts in the land took to the massive pad to destroy tyres. There were fires from a couple of the big bad blown cars, smashed axles, blown engines, rough encounters with the walls and some cars even managed to tear a hole in the burnout pad! With the comp running deep into the evening and a cool change in weather, everything went up a notch for in the final with exhausts glowing red hot, sparks flying everywhere and – you guessed it, – more fires.

In the end it was Andrew Poole in IBLOWN who took out first place ahead of Jake Myers in the SICKO Mustang and Steve Edsall in ROGUE.