Mick Brasher loves nothing better than smoking treads, but we’re not used to seeing him in the turbocharged weapon seen here


MICK Brasher loves nothing better than smoking treads, and he’s won some of the biggest burnout competitions in the country, but we’re used to seeing him in his blown small-block Corolla, not in this turbocharged weapon seen here.

A little-known fact is that Mick has around 10 different Corollas with various powerplants. “Every time I see one for sale, I buy it,” Mick says. “My partner Linda had one as her first car; she loves them. I’ve got one with a supercharged big-block, another with an aspirated LS1, there’s one with a CA18, and this one with a turbo six-litre.”

Mick reckons it’s just a stock L98 six-litre in this KE20, but there’s a massive BorgWarner S510 turbo hanging off the side. “It’s only got 4psi boost and it’s making around 500rwhp,” Mick says. “It does it real easy. I don’t know if we should do more with this car or not – it’s a bit too quiet. But I’d like to build a stronger engine and wind up the boost.”

Mick has decided to retire his old faithful ‘rusty’ Corolla recently and he plans to mount that above the flat in his big shed. But don’t be alarmed – he’s not giving up. He’s got a new car that’s almost finished. “It’ll have the same 377ci blown small-block, but it’s a much better-built car, much more serviceable. It’s going to be Ford Focus Orange with black bars.”

We reckon that sounds pretty awesome; can’t wait to see it. In the meantime, check out Mick’s turbo V8 Corolla in the video.

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