Wild short wheelbase FJ40 Landcruiser with a blown 510-cube big-block built for burnouts


BURNOUT rigs are becoming increasingly wild, horsepower is creeping up and the cars are becoming custom engineered masterpieces designed purely to destroy tyres. New to the scene this year, Tom Beltrame’s insane little FJ40 Landcruiser has to be one of the craziest burnout beasts we’ve seen. Its custom short wheelbase chassis and blown 1300hp big-cube combo make it a real handful to drive; it’s a spectacular thing to watch.

It’s clearly caught the attention of a lot of people too. A virtual version of Tom’s Landcruiser is available on the Apple and Android game Torque Burnouts where you compete in burnout competitions for points and build up your own burnout cars. We caught up with Tom at Gazzanats Darwin a few weeks ago to chat about the FJ40 Landcruiser burnout car, the build process and his plans for the future.