Looking back on the time Kranky set fire to everything at Kandos

Photographers: Badger Photography

EVERY so often there’s a video awesome enough that you have to go back and watch it again and again; this video of Rodney Waters and his KRANKY HQ destroying the foliage at Kandos in Western NSW gets us going every time.

Shot five years ago at Kandos Hot Rod and Street Machine Show, this clip from Scotty’s Garage shows Rodney’s HQ erupting into flame at the hit of the throttle. It’s a total sensory overload with the blown big block Chev singing like a banshee up the front and a Hades-spec wall of flame behind the HQ, creating the perfect backdrop.

Holden HQ KRANKY Burnout FireThe hedge and hessian behind the start line were engulfed within second and it took several minutes to bring everything under control. Unperturbed Rodney continued to spray flames as he made his way down the entry to the pad until he was stopped by fire officials who checked his car and then gave him a thumbs up to continue. Rodney finished his burnout and took home first prize.

Since then the team at Kandos has replaced the hedge and wire fence with tall sheets of colourbond fencing, which are much less likely to catch fire next time. To date the video has 1.8million views on Youtube and the comments range from “Why isn’t America this awesome?” through to “These people are idiots!”

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