Highlights from the Good Fryday Burnout King comp at Perth Motorplex

Videographers: Peter Flint

BURNOUT King took over the Perth Motorplex a couple of weeks ago, and boy, it was carnage out there! There were plenty of tyre fires, engine fires and wall hits to keep the crowd, the drivers and safety crews on their toes all night. Equally there were loads of really impressive skids, monster tip-ins and full-throttle action.

 Anthony Page in his blown Holden ute PAGEY impressed the judges most, claiming the Blown class win for the evening, ahead of Kevin Mantach and his blown HQ one-tonner ALCOTRAZ in second and Matt Purnell’s BLACKOUT in third place. Matt James was as aggressive as ever in his UNWANTED VF ute, with a crazy high-speed tip-in, while Tony Macro was a little ambitious with his entrance to the pad and smacked the wall in his KILLA SLR Torana.

 Mick Hamon in WIDE OPEN suffered an engine fire shortly after beginning his skid. A loose fuel fitting was to blame, spraying methanol over the hot engine bay. Nathan Monson also had a pretty nasty fire in his TROPPO XB Falcon, the tailshaft letting go and smashing the rear of the gearbox, setting fire to car’s underside.

 Then there was Dwane Pallentine in his PEPER IT Torana! As you might’ve guessed by the name of his car, Dwane likes it hot, and his Torana was really sizzling at Burnout King. Flinty, our man behind the camera, who’s seen more burnouts than any other person on the planet (probably), reckoned it was the longest he’d ever seen a burnout fire go for.

 As for the regular Open class, Colin Byrne in the SEWERSIDE V8-powered Holden Shuttle van took out the win, in front of Jason Tanian in KENOATH and Robert Bond in DBLSTNDRDS in third place.

Check out Flinty’s video from Burnout King 2017 to see all the highlights from the event.