Highlights from Mad Mick Brasher's Brashernats Sydney burnout competition

Photographers: Tim McCormack
Videographers: Matt Reekie, Tim McCormack

MAD Mick Brasher sure knows how to put on a party! This year’s Brashernats Sydney burnout comp was off its rocker, with some of the best burnout cars in the scene tearing it up on the pad and some of the most outrageous skids we’ve ever seen.

 There was carnage galore out on the pad, and Shawn Karn’s KARNGE blown VS Commodore just about burnt to the ground after a tyre fire mixed with oil leaking out of the back of the engine. She well and truly went up and the fire even came into the cabin and singed Shawn’s clothes! He’s a lucky boy to have walked away unharmed. Even Brasher had a tyre fire in ULEGAL.

 Andrew LYNCHY Lynch was as ambitious as ever with his tip-ins. The man leaves absolutely nothing on the table, but this time he flung his LS-powered Corolla straight into the wall after flogging it down the entry road. Still, a little love tap wasn’t about to stop him, and he continued the skid and got the tyres off for the crowd.

 Steven Loader also must get a mention after an absolutely insane set of burnouts. One of the legends of the burnout scene, he was on a mission and put on a clinic for the newcomers. Johnny Pilla took his recently revamped RUTHLESS HQ ute for a spin and the naturally aspirated big-block was singing! Who knows how hard he was spinning that thing, but it sure sounded unreal.

1st Tim Brown CEMBLO
2nd Matt Power T4TUFF
3rd Graham Rowe GAMBLE
4th Scott Yates YATESZ (1st Naturally Aspirated class)
5th Jack Seaman LOOSEQ

Photographers: Tim McCormack
Videographers: Matt Reekie, Tim McCormack