Aussie father-son team Ross and Brenton Gault take on Drag Week with their big-block 9-second Camaro


ONE Aussie Drag Week team that you might not have heard much about this year is Queensland’s father-son big-block Camaro duo of Ross and Brenton Gault. Reason being, these guys snuck in and out of the track like ghosts! The Camaro was so consistent, Brenton who was on driving duties would do one pass in the morning then they’d hit the road – often before we were even at the track!

Ross Gault splits his time between the US and Australia, living in Los Angeles for six months of the year and his hometown of Brisbane for the other six. Ross competed in Drag Week in 2014 with his bright orange ’69 Camaro, and then did a couple of the smaller Drag Weekend events in 2015 and 2016, so he knew what he was in for.

Under the hood, as they say in America, is a Reher-Morrison 583ci that produces just over 900hp and runs high nines. This year Ross’s son Brenton was handling the driving duties, and got his first opportunity to face the tree with the Camaro during pre-event testing on registration day – 9.99@138mph. Following that the car ran consistent high nines at each track and ran a best of 9.74.