Bloke crushes 1970 Dodge Charger to punish lowballers

Man crushes his own 1970 Dodge Charger to spite lowballers


EVER tried selling a classic car or parts on the internet? It’s a sure-fire way to meet dickheads. Lowballing, mouth-breathing, tyre-kicking dickheads.

They’ll waste your time, yank your chain, ask questions already clearly answered in the ad, and offer you swaps for the kind of junk no-one in their right mind has any business owning. Worst of all, these brain dead primates almost invariably hunt in packs.

Enter American fella Daniel Gagliardi. When trying to offload his 1970 Dodge Charger for the $10,000 he considered to be a fair and reasonable sum, he was immediately set upon by the lowballing crowd. He grew so tired of their antics that rather than humour them for a minute longer, he took the car to a wrecking yard.

There, he had a bloke in a front end loader crush, prod and otherwise desecrate the classic Mopar while he gleefully watched on, filming the whole shebang so as to teach his antagonists a lesson.

“That’s it; that’s what you guys get,” said Daniel. “I wasn’t f***ing around; I was dead serious. No I’m not a meth-head; no I’m not doing this for money. It’s a big ‘f*** you’. Leave the seller alone if you ain’t buying.”

Would we do something like this? No way in the world! Was he asking too much? Probably. Can we sympathise with his frustration? You bet.

Warning: it’s brutal to watch!