AFTER HIS recent VPW Drag Challenge win, Quentin Feast took his eight-second twin-turbo Torana to Casey Automotive for a bit of dyno testing, and we tagged along to watch.

All the power figures are in kilowatts, so if you’re an old school horsepower fan just multiply the numbers by 1.34, but what’s most interesting is the difference minor changes in boost levels, and how they affect the power output.

Eventually the boys cranked the boost up to 18psi, which is the same power level Quentin used to run 8.59 at 161mph during Drag Challenge. The twin turbo beast punched out 672rwkW, or 900rwhp in the old money.

Check out the tyre distortion at the higher power levels! If you’re wondering what that equates to at the flywheel, well you probably won’t see much change from 1200hp.

Now the big question, has it got more in it? Well they tried, but it started to lift the dyno off the ground. How’s that for power!

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