Zenvo Aurora supercar with 1800hp hybrid V12 revealed

The hybrid Zenvo Aurora hypercar packs a 6.6-litre, quad-turbo V12


Danish manufacturer Zenvo has unveiled its Aurora supercars at Monterey Car Week. And the specs are amazing: a quad-turbo, 6.6-litre V12 good for over 1200hp – plus another 620hp from an electric motor on the front axle!

Zenvo Aurora patent drawing

Zenvo announced the Aurora earlier in the year; back then it was said to feature a twin-snail six-litre V12. In a welcome break from the usual downgrades between announcement and production, the Aurora’s driveline will spit out a combined total of 1824hp, primarily from the aluminium block V12 dubbed Mjolner that’s been developed in partnership with Mahle Powertrain (yes, the guys who make pistons).

Zenvo TS1 twin-charged V8

Until now, Zenvo’s cars have run LS-family mills, with either twincharger or twin-supercharger arrangements.

The new design is a modular layout, opening the door for Zenvo to build V6 or V8 powerplants for other projects. Interestingly, a press release from Zenvo suggests any smaller versions “may even be available as crate engines for OEMs to purchase.”

Mahle’s sophisticated (and Euro 7 emissions-friendly) Jet Ignition pre-chamber system will also be used, as found on Maserati’s twin-turbo V6 and Ferrari’s F1 cars.

On its own, Mjolner is rated to 1232hp at 8000rpm, with a redline all the way up at 9800rpm – according to Zenvo, it’ll rule the roost as the world’s most powerful road-legal V12.

The Aurora packs a carbon fibre tub and subframes with a limited top speed of 400km/h. Two versions of the car will be sold: the Tur grand tourer and the more track-focused, aero-heavy Agil. All up, expect fewer than 100 examples to be built, a third of which have already been reserved.