Wakefield Park under fire for breaching noise restrictions

The Goulburn Mulwaree Council has issued a show-cause notice to the raceway for over 500 noise breaches


The long running legal battle between Wakefield Park Raceway management and the Goulburn Mulwaree Council has flared up once again, with the council serving a show-cause notice to the motorsport facility this week.

The notice has been issued in relation to over 500 alleged noise regulation breaches from last weekend’s Wakefield Park Motor Race Series taking place at the circuit.

In a statement about the show-cause notice, the council said the following: “Noise levels are never to exceed 95 dB(A) when measured 30 metres from the track.

“Last weekend (February 18-20, 2022), Wakefield Park recorded noise well in excess of this limit in excess of 500 times, ultimately reaching a maximum of 124.1dB(A).

“Council has issued Wakefield Park with a show-cause notice seeking an explanation as to why further regulatory action should not be pursued.”

The notice adds fire to the ongoing issues the two parties already have around the proposed upgrades for the facility, with Wakefield management seeking permits to upgrade the pit zone, corporate areas and other important changes.

In July last year, Street Machine reported that Wakefield management was taking the council to court over the proposed upgrades.

This is because even though the council did grant conditional permits for the upgrades, the Raceway said the outlined restrictions would be “devastating”.

Those conditions included an annual limit of just 75 ‘red category’ days involving noise between 85dB(A) and 95dB(A), and a minimum of one motorsport-free weekend a month; with plans to decrease the permissible red category days to just 30 a year from 2024.

“The conditions proposed by the council would severely limit our ability to provide the frequency and variety of events our community looks forward to every year,” said Wakefield operations manager for Dean Chapman in July.

Both parties are set to front court next month over the planning dispute.