Dodge adds two turbos to its already monstrous blown Challenger Hellcat


CAN you ever have too much power? Obviously someone at Dodge thinks not, because the brand has just revealed an even more mental version of the Challenger Hellcat – already the most powerful production car ever built in America.

The ‘ordinary’ stock-standard Hellcat boasts a 6.2-litre supercharged Hemi V8 pumping out 707hp, but the special-edition ‘X’ version adds two turbochargers into the mix, creating a twin-charged monster. Thanks to an Eaton 2.3-litre Roots-style blower and twin 62mm turbos developed by Walsh Motorsports, the Hellcat X bumps the grunt up to 805hp at the crank. Impressive for a street car, but it seems like a lot of tricky engineering work for a relatively small gain.

The extra grunt should mean it’ll comfortably outrun the standard Hellcat, which does the quarter in 10.8 seconds and sprints to 100km/h in 3.6 seconds, although no official numbers have been given for the tougher X.

Dodge has also tweaked the styling, with polished aluminium inserts added to the bonnet vents, a chin splitter stuck on the nose and a slightly taller spoiler strapped to the boot. There’s also the requisite special edition badges inside and out.

Want one? Well, there’s a catch. You’ll need to have luck on your side and win the thing. Dodge is only making one of these monsters and it’s being given away as part of the 2015 Dream Giveaway over in the States. Tickets cost US$3 each, but there’s a discount if you buy five or more – all the way up to 6000 tickets for US$5000.

In addition to the Hellcat X, the lucky winner will also score a 1970 Challenger R/T complete with a 440 Magnum, four-speed floor-shift manual and 8¾-inch Suregrip rear end.