Top Gear Australia to return in 2024, with Moog from Mighty Car Mods to host

The Australian version of the popular Top Gear TV show is set to return in 2024, with Moog from Mighty Car Mods among the new hosts


Top Gear Australia will be making a return to screens in 2024, with a trio of big names brought in as new hosts.

Headlining the show is Blair Joscelyne, more commonly known by his nickname ‘Moog’ from the mega-popular Mighty Car Mods YouTube channel. He will be joined by former NRL player and current The Amazing Race host Beau Ryan, along with Jonathan LaPaglia, host of Australian Survivor.

In a post on the Mighty Car Mods Facebook page this morning, Moog announced the news to fans, stating that MCM co-host Marty Mulholland won’t be joining him on the set of Top Gear Australia. However, the hosting role doesn’t mean Moog will be permanently stepping away from MCM.

“I’m not leaving MCM, nor do either of us plan to,” he said in the post. “We’re 16 years deep and still absolutely loving what we’ve created. We’ve always made the show fit in and around our lives with the flexibility to accommodate adventures like this one. After having a chat with Marty about it, I’ve decided to go do some skids on TV, which means Marty’s gonna have the hoist to himself for a little while to work on the Gemini.”

Top Gear Australia is being rebooted by BBC Studios Australia & New Zealand, and the show will appear on the Paramount+ streaming service next year. Rumours suggest filming will take place during the summer for roughly three months.

The first iteration of Top Gear Australia launched on SBS in 2008, with hosts Warren Brown, Charlie Cox, and professional driver Steve Pizzati.

It remained at SBS for two seasons, before making the switch to Channel Nine for its third and fourth seasons in 2010 and 2011. Shane Jacobson and Ewen Page replaced Brown and Cox for those two seasons, before the show was axed in 2012.

Moog brings a plethora of automotive experience to the table as a key host for the reboot, having started the Mighty Car Mods YouTube channel 16 years ago with co-host Marty Mulholland. In that time, they have amassed 3.8 million subscribers, built countless custom cars, travelled the world making feature-length films, produced nearly 800 videos and accrued nearly 900 million YouTube views.

The BBC and Paramount+ have yet to announce an official air date for the new version of Top Gear Australia, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted.