Street Machine Outlaws on sale now

Want more grunt in your life? Street Machine Outlaws is the mag for you!


Can’t get enough of that street car life? Then check out our special Street Machine Outlaws mag. Harking back to the days of Performance Street Car, Outlaws is 100 per cent pure grunt; there isn’t a single car in the mag that doesn’t make at least 1000hp at the hubs – and many make much more than that.

Holden VL Commodore

On the cover is Andy Coles’s ballistic VL Calais. The twin-turbo LS-powered ride is right up there with the quickest streeters in the land – we’re talking 7.2@193mph – and still does the school run.

For Ford fans, we look at one of the most formidable SBF-powered street combos on earth – namely the Clevor that resides in Alon Vella’s Capri. The Vella crew are undefeated in their class in eight out of eight Drag Challenge events – and if you want to have your mind warped, read up on what Damian from BG Engines does to keep it all alive.

Toyota Cresta

Other stunners include:

• Ben ‘Mechanical Stig’ Neal’s Barra-powered Cresta
• Lance Warren’s stunning SIN35 Nissan GT-R
• Naomi Van Der Togt’s 2JZ-powered S15
• Rob Marjan’s six-second JUN II R32 GT-R


And plenty more, including a deep dive into every car to win a Drag Challenge event.

Street Machine Outlaws is on sale now at all good newsagents.