Street Machine July issue – on sale now

The July 2019 edition of Street Machine is out now!


IT’S new mag day, so get on down to your friendly local newsagent and treat yourself. With Chris Campbell’s stunning LJ Torana coupe splashed across page one, there’s no missing the July issue on the stands!

Holden Torana LJOne of the shining stars of the Meguiar’s Great Uncover at Street Machine Summernats 32, Chris’s LJ is beautifully finished in a custom PPG Brake Light Red by the team at Exclusive Customs and runs a thumping tunnel-rammed, 355ci Holden.

Holden Monaro CV8While we’re on Holdens, Owen Rice’s elite-level CV8 Monaro is perfect from every angle, but that doesn’t stop him wheeling it out onto the burnout pad and driving it like he hates it.

Drag Challenge WeekendWe’ll also bring you a full rundown on the second running of Street Machine Drag Challenge Weekend in Queensland, which, typical of DC events, saw entrants tackle adverse weather conditions and set some blistering times. We’ll also check out all that glitters at Meguiar’s MotorEx – Australia’s most prestigious indoor car show.

Ford Falcon XBFor Ford fans, we’ve got a classically GT-styled XY Falcon that packs an eight-throttle, EFI-fed, 604ci big-block Ford and a six-speed stick-shift! There’s also a brutally tough XB coupe – it’s BBF-powered, too – with an 8/71 blower supplying boost.

Ford MustangAnd for the Barra crew, Zlatko Nastoski’s gorgeous ’66 Mustang coupe not only sports show car looks, but has masses of grunt to boot.

Dodge ChallengerMopar fans are catered for too, with Paul Bailey’s gorgeous Dodge Challenger, motivated by a 528ci Hemi, no less!

Metal FinishingTech heads will enjoy our metal finishing feature, and our resident automotive engineer Dr Tim’s guide to the intricacies of engine conversions.

Get ’em while they’re hot!