Street Machine July 2021 on sale now!

The July 2021 issue of Street Machine hits shelves today, packed full of all the good stuff!


OUR winter-warmer July issue of Street Machine is out now, with the headline act being Peter Sharp’s stunning HQ coupe.

This Monaro, dubbed SHQRP, has had a serious makeover to reshape and widen the original panelwork, with Down Town Kustoms employing modern techniques and all sorts of custom touches over an eight-year build to create one of the coolest coupes we’ve ever clapped eyes on.

That’s not the only Monaro in this issue. Brad Durtanovich’s PRO HG packs 900hp and 598 cubes of big-block Chev bad attitude, cutting a menacing shape in black-on-black paint.

If two-door Fords are more your flavour, Ross Pontonio’s ’67 Mustang fastback should get your juices flowing. A 368ci Windsor provides the grunt to match one of the most iconic shapes in motoring history.

Max Phillips’s 500ci RB big block-powered ’74 Dart is a 10-second car that’s been a long time coming, including two trips across this great land to make it all come together.

Events coverage is hotter than ever. We’ve got all the action documented from the Geelong All Ford Day, the Retrospeed Wilby Park Sprints and the burnout fest of Northern Nats.

This issue also comes with a big announcement: the Expression Session is back! One of our most requested sections is finally returning in our 244-page, 40th-anniversary September issue.

You can get your engine nerdery on this month with an in-depth write-up on what the stock bottom end of Ford’s new 7.3-litre ‘Godzilla’ V8 can crank out with a Harrop blower, while our Mill Of The Month is a feisty 350ci Holden V8 from BG Engines.

All our regulars are firing on all cylinders as well, including a 700rwhp 2017 Mustang GT heading to Drag Challenge; a 355-cube, Vortech-blown VK sleeper; your cars in our Readers’ Rockets and In The Build sections; and loads more. So make sure you go out and grab a copy!