New street machine gear: Summernats clothing + Ryobi tool + Ignition package + more

We check out some new gear on the market: Summernats clothing, Ryobi ratchet wrench, AFCO shock absorber + more...


Summernats clothing

RETRO merch is très cool, and the crew at Summernats have decided to throw back to the event’s inception in 1988 with a pair of celebratory T-shirts and a hoodie. Street Machine has been supporting the event since day one, so you’ll also cop some neat retro SM logos to go with the old-school designs. Show your love for the greatest car festival in the country by grabbing one of these pearlers and a whole bunch more ’Nats merch at

Ryobi ratchet wrench

THE Ryobi team are always finding neat ways of replacing tiresome manual hand tools with cordless, rechargeable alternatives, and their brand new version of the 18V ONE+ 3/8in ratchet wrench is a prime example. It fits in tight spots a normal impact gun won’t go, has an LED light for easy viewing, and can rotate 360 degrees to fit just about anywhere – and it’ll work with your existing ONE+ Ryobi batteries. You can grab one now from Bunnings, or visit


HIGH-boost methanol engine packages are popular right now, especially in the burnout scene. For that you need an excellent ignition package, and FuelTech has a neat solution.

The FTSPARK-8 CDI is a simple CAN connection away from the FT-series ECUs, which is great, but it can also be used with any ECU on the market. For more info, call Speed Pro on (03) 9794 5177, email [email protected] or visit

Ferrea Retainer T7000 Degree Gauge

ENGINE building and modification requires a few specialist tools, as failure to set tolerances properly can be catastrophic. Measuring the degree on your retainers is a key part of that, which is why the Ferrea Retainer T7000 Degree Gauge is a must-have for any engine project. Made from aluminium, it can measure 6, 7, Super 7 (8-degree) and 10-degree to help you get the retainers’ tolerances just right. You can grab one now from Performance Wholesale; call (07) 3808 1986, email
[email protected] or visit

Outlaw Rod Shop t-shirts

YOU can never have enough car merch, and the Outlaw Rod Shop crew have now put some of their killer builds on T-shirts, with the help of super-talented illustrator Ryan Ford. The shirts feature their ’33 Ford roadster and ’41 Willys gasser, both powered by blown injected 392 Hemis. The shirts are quality AS Colour brand, with large prints on the back and blower logos up front. They’re available in kids sizes 8, 10 and small ($25 each), and medium, large, XL and 2XL ($30 each) for adults, and they ship all over the country. Order yours now via [email protected], or hit up Outlaw Rod Shop through their Instagram or Facebook pages.

Hare & Forbes’s Metalmaster SJ-24D Bead Roller

BEAD rolling is commonplace in any serious metal fab in this day and age, and it’s particularly handy for things like intercooler piping, body panels, seals and more. Hare & Forbes’s Metalmaster SJ-24D Bead Roller is made from heavy-duty plate steel, and can handle up to 1.2mm mild-steel sheet metal at a generous 460mm throat depth. Included for your money are seven sets of the most commonly used rollers required by any metal forming automotive enthusiast or professional: 1/4in, 3/8in or 1/2in bead rolls; 1/2in, 1/16in or 1/8in flange rolls; and a shearing roll set. You can find out more at

AFCO shock absorber

POWER isn’t all that’s needed at the drag strip; good suspension is critical in helping to transmit all that grunt to the road. AFCO has packed all the features of a high-end performance shock absorber into a product that a lot of racers can afford. With small-tyre and radial racing the new hotness in Australia, having good shocks like these AFCO Dominator four-way adjustable drag shocks will help you extract that last tenth for a golden ET. You can find out more at