Street Machine: August 2020

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BARRA all the things, including the cover of the August issue of your favourite mag! Marcus Cripps has built himself a killer street-and-strip XD Falcon packing 1400hp worth of turbocharged six-pot snot. Once powered by a monster 460ci Windsor, the car is now equally at home running sevens over the quarter as it is dropping Marcus’s kids at weekend sport.

Matt Milnes, on the other hand, proudly subscribes to the theory that there ain’t no substitute for cubic inches, and his HZ ute is stuffed full of big-block Chevy goodness – all 565ci of it. Topped with a TRE tunnel ram and twin throttlebodies, the fuel-injected fatty makes 730hp and oodles of torque, and the car exudes toughness.

We chat to one of the true innovators of the Aussie pro touring scene in Mark Sanders, a bloke known for building corner-carving weapons that were also pretty handy at picking up awards. After several notable personal projects and involvement in a number of other high-profile builds, Mark is still busy on the tools.

We also bring you all the beaut smoky action from Lardner Park Motorfest – one of the last skid comps before the country was thrust into lockdown thanks to COVID-19.

One of the stars of the Summernats 33 Elite Hall was Ben Grayland’s knockout XR Falcon. Powered by a staunch Windsor and finished to an impeccable level of detail, it’s a cracker of a car, and he already has another two Falcons on the go!

Aussie Jarrod Wood has unlocked plenty of achievements in the drag racing world, including running the first three-second eighth-mile radial pass on Aussie soil in his old Mustang. But his latest toy – this incredible Noonan-powered C7 Corvette – has the hardware to mix it with the big hitters of the US radial scene.

Mario Zahra’s retro Touring Car-inspired VK Blue Meanie tribute is a true-blue Aussie streeter, right down to the Group A twin throttlebody-topped stroker Holden donk.

Queensland’s Low family are passionate about their Holden sixes, and this matching pair of father-and-son cruisers run angry red motors that do pretty handy work on the drag strip.

This month’s tech story concerns the blown L67 V6 that Scotty hotted up in the Carnage workshop for the ‘Project Supermang’ VN. With a bunch of bolt-on goodies, more boost and a warmer camshaft, the car is set to take the fight to the Barras once drag strips are open again.

All this and plenty more in the latest issue of Street Machine – on sale now!