Stand-alone Street Machine website goes live!

Street Machine has struck out on its own with a brand-new stand-alone website


Since April 2018, Street Machine’s massive treasure trove of digital content has been housed alongside our sister brands Wheels and 4X4 Australia on

The strategy was to create a monster website of all things automotive – new car, offroad and modified monsters. And it worked a treat, helping to grow into a thriving beast.

But now, the time has come for us to fly the coop and return to a stand-alone Street Machine website. There will be many benefits to this, not least the fact that you won’t accidently stumble across stories on the latest MG SUV or similar snooze-mobiles.

Another biggie is that when people see our stories on social media, our content will appear proudly as Street Machine, so they’ll know exactly what they’ll be getting.

The new site will also allow us to improve the way we surface and display our content. For example, these new tiled galleries will come in handy for technical and event stories, just for starters.

The search function is much improved, and we’ll roll out further upgrades over the next few weeks. We’ll also have new ad units to better serve both the audience and our clients.

To celebrate our brand-new toy, we’ll be dropping a full feature on an iconic streeter from our archives every day for the rest of the month, starting with Bruno Gianoncelli’s Mercules! These features have never previously been published in full online, so they will be a great nostalgia hit for our older readers and an education for the youngsters.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of the new site and any new features you’d like to see.