Shannons Spring Auction 2022 results

We check the results from Shannons’ 2022 Spring Online Timed Auction


The Shannons Spring auction wrapped up last night, with some big numbers being recorded, despite a general softening in the clasic car market of late.

This VN SS Group A, build number #073 of the 302 produced, had just a smidge over 10,000km showing on the clock and went for $266,000.

This XY GT went for an impressive $232,000.

Classic Japanese metal continues to rate well, with this super-sano Datsun 180B SSS fetching $48,500

This Targa-Tasmania proven GT40 replica went for $186,000.

This Panama Green and dealer-fitted sunroof-equipped A9X sold for $230,500.

This hottie FJ Special is packing some very cool, old-school upgrades. Behind the stove-hot grey motor is a Riley four-speed, which was one of the choice upgrades in the 60s, before the arrival of the Aussie four-speed and other options. The front bench has been scalloped to clear the shifter, another cool old-school trick.

The front end has also been treated to a set of Ford Zephyr disc brakes, a rare conversion these days. It sold for $26,300.

We reckon someone got a good deal on this immaculate 1973 F100, selling at $46,500. It may only be a six-pot, but clean, original starting point is worth its weight in gold when it comes to these gold girls.

This thongslapping, stick-shift HJ GTS Monaro sold for $70K out of Shannons Brisbane.


Fancy a slab of 60s American long boi motoring? This ’63 Oldsmobile Starfire Hardtop coupe is a bloody mint specimen, still in left hook and powered by the 394ci big-block Olds V8.

The 8700-odd miles its traveled would have a fair bit to do with how factory fresh it still looks, and with power steer and the T-Bar auto it’d make an awesome club-plated weekend cruiser this summer


There’s a couple of sweet offerings for Mopar fans, the best of the bunch is this 1971 VH Valiant Pacer tribute, rocking a 360-cube small-block V8.

What started as a Regal 770 model has been built to embody what would’ve happened had Chrysler Australia offered a V8 Pacer. There’s plenty of unique touches both inside and out that diehard Mopar fans will no doubt geek out on.


If Valiant is your jam but full originality is your flavour, then this virtually untouched 1965 AP6 Regal sedan should juice your pickle.

It’s essentially a one owner machine, with an indicated 67,000 miles. There are minor signs of wear to show the elderly woman who owned it did get some use out of it over the years, but other than some minor interior retrimming it’s believed to be all original.

SOLD, $67,000:

There’s a smattering of American machines in this seasons auction, and our favourite from a muscle point of view would have to be this genuine 1969 Pontiac GTO 400 coupe.

Having been restored in the USA before landing in our country around eight years ago, the big slab of Detroit muscle is in really good nick. It’s a highly optioned machine from the factory, with LSD, power everything, vinyl roof and the original hood tacho! It’s still left hook as well, so it’ll make for a really unique experience on our roads. Combine that with the conversion to FiTech EFI for some modern reliability, it sounds like an awesome way to get your butt into an awesome piece of American muscle.

SOLD, $47,500

Japanese metal is prevalent in the auction as well, including this highly modified 1976 Mazda 808 rocking a bridgeport 13B Rotary and a monster turbo.

The car has been around for quite a few years, its most recent built taken care of by the Mazda and rotary specialists at VIS Rotary. In its current form it boasts a nine-inch diff, Jatco three-speed auto, Microtech ECU and the GT42R hairdryer. Styling the outside is the full set of 18-inch Simmons, while inside features custom gauges, half cage and diamond stitch interior.

SOLD, $40,500

Fancy a more modern Mazda? Then it’s hard to pass up the ultimate Mazda JDM hero car, the FD RX-7.

This one is a 1992 Australian delivered one offered with no reserve, and by all accounts it looks to be pretty well unmodified. While there’s no nasty aftermarket surprises, it does appear to have sat for quite some time so tread carefully. With these things going for record money though it could be a worthwhile investment, so definitely one we’d recommend watching.


Homologation specials are always hot on the used market, and for the JDM nerds this 1997 Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution is a particularly collectable one.

Unlike the one your Mum used for the school run, this Evo edition was created to help homologate the Pajero Paris-Dakar racer when the rules changed in the late 90s. That means it has a revvy, factory fitted 276hp 3.5-litre V6, Recaro seats and plenty of other motorsport-oriented bits.


The Ford Pinto wasn’t exactly a toughie when it rolled off the line in the 70s, but the ex-Milton Adey ‘Hawkeye’ racer is as cool as they come. We featured the Pinto back in our February ’20 mag, shortly after its restoration was completed by Dean Kubler.

It packs a 351 Clevo hooked to a Powerglide and nine-inch with 4.55 gears, spinning big Hoosier 15×12 rubber.

SOLD, $29,655

The P5 LTD upped the ante for all-Aussie luxury when it was introduced in 1973, built on an even longer wheelbase than the ZF and ZG Fairlane. While the bodlines are certainly reminiscent of their XA-XB counterparts, these cars got killer flip-out headlights, a full length taillight panel, tasty woodgrain interior bits, and a 351 as standard. This car has had just two owners, and apparently the same mechanic since new.

The Clevo is matching and reportedly unopened, and the interior shows some wear and tear, as does the early-2000s paintwork.

SOLD, $115,500

Here’s a rough and ready example of the last 351 Windsor-powered GT Falcons. The XW is a genuine GT, finished in Reef Green with black vinyl inside. It’s copped a few bumps and tweaks over the last half-century the way, including a repainted front guard, new antenna, spoiler, and black-painted scoop.

With a price range of $90-$110k, the XW could be an awesome driver without fretting over every stone chip.


We dig this Cambridge Blue 1968 HK Monaro.

This baby is the full poverty back, with 161ci red motor, three-on-the-tree ‘box and drum brakes all ’round.


One car that is far from base-spec is this Nitrate Silver 2008 HSV W427. It’s build number #58 and has just over 21,000km of work under its belt.

Given these things hit the market right as the GFC was in full swing, HSV sold bugger-all of them, so they’re a bloody hot ticket these days, thanks largely to that monster 7.0-litre LS7 under the bonnet. The seller is the car’s first and only owner, so it comes with all the original goodies for whoever ends up taking it home.


It wouldn’t be a classic car auction without an HQ, and this fully restored ’73 GTS Monaro is a glory to behold.

The car is rocking 308 power as it did when it was brand new, coupled with an auto ’box. Upgrades during the resto include power steering, retractable seatbelts and a sneaky sound system. That, combined with the correct Houndstooth interior and Glacier White hue, makes it an awesome cruiser.


A two-door LJ Torana is a spicy prospect in any form these days, but one with a potential link to some HDT history is definitely worth a second look.

This car has a chequered history that seems to point back to the days of HDT’s rally programs, but digging by the current owner has pointed in all different directions to its apparent origin story.

Regardless, it’s still a CAMS-logbooked LJ racer that underwent a significant restoration more recently in its life, so it could fit the bill perfectly for someone wanting a classic Torana without the risk of kerbing a genuine $300,000 minter XU-1.


Fancy an HDT-spec VK but feel the Blue Meanie thing is a bit played out? Then this ’85 Group 3 HDT VK SS should do nicely.

It’s a one-owner deal showing 137,000 clicks and features the complete service history, including a major overhaul of the original 5.0-litre V8 in 2013.

The rest of the car is unrestored and in really good nick, and you know what they say about them only being original once.

You can view the full results here.