Seven-turbo Mitsubishi L200 ute

It’s one of many crazy diesel-powered streeters prowling Thailand



  • Created by Build Natthawin
  • Four turbos in engine bay and four in rear
  • Assisted by nitrous

Forced-induction performance is hugely popular worldwide – but this Thai Mitsubishi L200 takes things to a whole new level with a total of seven turbochargers.

The ute is the brainchild of Build Natthawin, owner-operator of Chum Phae City’s S. Rattana Diesel. Specialising in turbo-diesel tuning, the shop’s Facebook page is packed with images of multi-turbo assemblies and custom-fabricated titanium piping.

Under the bonnet of the manual L200 is a 2.5-litre 4D56 – a four-cylinder diesel based on the long-running Astron family. A trio of Holset turbos sit on the left, accompanied by a bigger Mitsubishi unit on the exhaust side.

Natthawin drove the L200 for some time with four turbos before fabricating the in-tray set-up it now features. A second intercooler sits in the back, alongside the battery and radiator. Three nitrous bottles feature in total (including one between the seats) – presumably to help spool seven turbos from just 2.5 litres of displacement.

It’s unclear as to how exactly the turbos feed into each other (or the engine), and power is also unknown — though YouTuber CB Media says a similar truck with three turbos is capable of about 400hp (298kW).

Turbo-diesel street cars are common in Thailand, and multi-turbo, four-cylinder examples are especially popular. Locally-built Isuzu D-Max utes with 4JJ1 powerplants are regularly lowered as street cars, transformed into full-blown drag racers.

Earlier this year, the Bird Lakha Thailand dragster ran the country’s first six-second pass under turbo-diesel power.