Seized Holden HG ute returned to owner by French authorities

Travis McKimmie’s Holden ute is finally back in the hands of its rightful owner


WHEN we last brought you news about UK-based Aussie expat Travis McKimmie’s HG ute being seized by French customs, it didn’t look like the story was going to have a happy ending. The Frog authorities discovered a small amount of cannabis stashed in the HG when it was being transported across Europe, so they confiscated the thing and subsequently vowed to feed it into a crusher.

Travis had abandoned all hope of ever being reunited with his beloved tilly when – completely out of the blue – he received correspondence from customs indicating that they were going to return it to him. Unlike the French to surrender, eh?

They told me countless times I couldn’t have it back; then to my surprise I received an email telling me that due to the evidence that had been supplied they would make a special exception. Today I made the 800-mile round trip to collect it,” Travis said.

“People in the UK don’t get it; they just think it’s an old pick-up, but to me it’s a bit of Aussie history. I definitely don’t think I would have got it back if it wasn’t for people like Andrew Clatworthy, Simon Telford, my mate Harmen and my brother Dean McKimmie, who rang and told anyone who would listen.”

Travis abandoned a planned trip home to Oz to pick up the ute, and upon completing some paperwork and paying a €280 storage fee, the imprisoned Aussie icon was back in the hands of its rightful owner. C’est beaut!