Rust never sleeps: wild HG wagon & more Marketplace finds

Three astounding finds from the wonderful world of Facebook Marketplace


Facebook Marketplace trawling is one of the Street Machine team’s favourite activitites in our downtime. We’re always tormenting each other with bargains that someone else needs to buy. Here are our three faves this week:

Mega rusty, LS1-powered HG wagon

This impressively-weathered HG Kingswood wagon is the ultimate example of concentrating on the go before the show. The driveline consists of a hottie LS1, topped by a Quick Fuel 750 vacuum secondary carbie and backed by a heavy-duty TH400 auto and Hilux diff.

Body-wise, the seller advises that the car will need both front floor pans replaced and ‘could use a rear driver’s side door skin.’

He also has a set of Castlemaine Rod Shop drop spindles ready to go and suggests that while the brakes work, they could do with an upgrade. No doubt!

If it was ours, we’d follow his advice and road trip it straight ot Red Centre NATS. Check it out on the Old School Cars for Sale Australia page.

1957 Chevrolet Nomad

At the other end of the scale from the HG is this stunning 1957 Nomad, one of GM’s best-ever body styles. Powered by its orginal 283 and Powerglide combo, the Nomad appears to be essentially stock, with the exception of a set of airbags all ’round by Mex’s Garage.

Asking price is $138,500. Check it out on the Aussie HAMBers page.

Arby’s old Charger!

Back in 2003, SM scribbler Mark Arblaster took a VH Valiant Charger for the road trip of a lifetime. Once it was time to return to Australia, the Charger was sold to a local. Well, now the Charger is up for sale by the same guy who bought it from Arby all those years ago! The car was invovled in an accident 15 years ago and then repaired. Will it come back to Oz? Check it out in the Valiant Charger Owners group and keep an eye out of it on Bring-a-Trailer.