Auction watch: 1971 R/T Challenger, Robnell Cobra, 1971 911 at Slattery

Build #1 of the Aussie Cobras has come up for sale with Slattery Auctions, having been owned by a well-known car collector


The original Shelby Cobras are so rarefied and expensive that it’s driven plenty of companies to have their own go at making replicas, and that included Robnell, arguably the biggest name on the Aussie Cobra scene.

Founded by Rob Darnell, the Robnell Cobras took the basic idea of the original Shelby car and improved upon it with significant chassis upgrades, while keeping its core DNA.

Sixty-seven original Robnell cars were thought to have been built and were highly regarded among international enthusiasts.

The marque was later revived in the early 2000s and another batch of cars made.

This 1987 example is build #1 and was once owned by the late celebrity stockbroker and car collector Rene Rivkin.

The car is running a 302 Windsor and auto combo and is red under the chrome wrap.

The Cobra headlines the Slattery Sydney Collector Car auction, with bidding kicking off at AU$500,000. The auction is live now, and there’s a few more pearlers up for grabs at the same time.

Naturally, this Plum Crazy 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T caught our eye straight away, presenting in beautiful condition.

It harbours its original 383 four-barrel mill, with 80,000 miles and plenty of documents including the original build sheet. Bidding kicks off at AU$200,000.

This early-gen 1971 Porsche 911 is also on the block, a 20,000-mile minter with lots of Group S extras to make the dak-dak nerds all creamy inside. The 2.2-litre flat six has a set of Weber 40DCOE carburettors strapped to it. Air-cooled Porsches have occupied their own high-priced market for some time now, and bidding on this one starts at AU$150,000.

If all that sounds mighty expensive for you, then this final offering in the auction may suit a bit better.

It’s a 1985 Mercedes-Benz 380 SL, and if you’re getting big club-plate cruiser vibes, you’re not alone.

The Benz is a left-hooker that was originally sold in the States, and like everything else in this auction, it’s showing minimal odometer work with just under 12,000 miles recorded. The starting bid of AU$35,000 makes it a tempting proposition if this is your flavour of convertible.

You can view all these listings on the Slattery Auctions website.