Legendary FJ Holden up for auction

One of the most famous street machines of all time is up for auction


The FJ Holden that changed the face of Australian street machining in 1986 has quietly appeared on a Gold Coast auction house website.

Rex Webster’s ‘High Tech’ FJ appeared in the December 1986 issue of Street Machine, went on to win Top Judged at Street Machine Summernats #1 and toured the US show curcuit to great acclaim.

The FJ started its wild ride in the 70s, as a drag car for Rex and his brother Tony. The pair then spent five years, almost full time transforming the tudor into ‘High Tech.’

The car spent only a couple of seasons on the show circuit and disappeared from view for many years. Publisher Paul Beck eventually purchased the car (sans its original, highly detailed red motor) and gave it a birthday.

It debuted in this form at MotorEx 2008. While the paint theme remained similar to the original, the car copped fresh trim, EFI throttle bodies and new rolling stock.

Paul then rebuilt it again as you see it here with a new two-tone theme. The car debuted at MotorEx in 2011 and was later sold.

And now, it could be yours! What would you do with it, given an unlimited budget? Bear in mind that the original engine remains a prized possession in the Webster clan and the original rims might prove hard to track down.

Check out the listing (which so far mentions nothing of the FJ’s storied history) here: