Nostalgia Lane at the 2018 Sydney Hot Rod and Custom Show

Get down Rosehill Racecourse this weekend to check out the Nostalgia Lane display at the 2018 Hot Rod and Custom Show


ANDY Colalillo and fellow Outkast CC member Sean Hagarty have spent the last few months putting together a display of traditional 40s, 50s and 60s-era hot rods, drag cars, customs, bombs and lowriders as part of the 2018 Hot Rod & Custom Show, dubbed Nostalgia Lane.

willys gasserThe pair have assembled a cracking field straight off the bat – including some brand-new builds such as Chris Palazzo’s Willys gasser and Joe Kurtovic’s blown and injected 202-powered slingshot dragster.

dragster“We feel there is a big gap in the Sydney scene for traditional cars,” he says. “We want to show people you don’t have to build something in that typical Sydney show-scene style – old cars with modern running gear and big wheels. People could be building older-style hot rods, gassers, lowriders or customs. I think the traditional cars are more attainable for young guys, too, rather than building an elite-level car.”

nostalgia laneHaving been to ‘traditional’ shows all over the world, both Sean and Andy knew what kind of vibe they wanted for Nostalgia Lane from the outset.

nostalgia lane“I felt it would be cool to have an area like the Suede Palace from the Grand National Roadster Show, which was one of the coolest shows I’ve been to,” Andy says. “Sean and I thought it’d be cool to get various clubs to put in a couple of cars each, even if they’re not finished. It’s about saying you don’t need the best, shiniest car to have your car in a show – these are real cars being driven on the street.

“If a couple of young guys come to the show and leave wanting to build a traditional car, that’s awesome. Hopefully it could become the traditional event in Sydney. It’s awesome to hear there are a handful of guys thrashing to get their car done in time for the show!”

1955 gasserAndy himself is bringing two cars, including his latest build, a high-riding ’55 gasser. “I’d wanted a ’55 Chev gasser for some time, and as a Silverchair fan I wanted to call it ‘Pure Massacre’. I saw Anthony Darwin’s Two-Lane Blacktop replica Chev advertised online and dropped him a message.”

“I still haven’t touched the mechanicals, as Anthony built a really good car. It’s got a 348ci W motor bored out to 434ci, with aluminium Edelbrock heads, magnesium 6/71 blower, Holley four-barrels, a T-10 four-speed manual, floater nine-inch and four-wheel disc brakes.”

1965 Buick RivieraAndy’s other ride at the show will be his super-slick, airbagged ’65 Buick Riviera.

“I wanted the car to have a mild look, somewhere between a custom and a lowrider. It has been my sensible car, with windows, 12-volt electrics and reliable 60s running gear.”

More info on the event here!