ANDRA sanctioned burnout events on the way with a long list of rules aimed at improving safety


THE Australian National Drag Racing Association (ANDRA) has stepped in with a new set of rules and regulations for ANDRA sanctioned burnout events, similar to their drag racing regulations. Essentially, burnout competitions at ANDRA race tracks and skid comps that are overseen by ANDRA will come with a long list of safety rules aimed at keeping spectators, drivers and event personnel safe.

Until now there hasn’t really been a governing body for burnout events in Australia – each event has managed the safety and public liability side of things on its own. The ANDRA rules will cover skid events at ANDRA tracks and address everything from what drivers and passengers will be required to wear, to ensuring that vehicles are in a good mechanical state to minimise the risk of problems such as fires and sticking throttles.

 The rules state that: “Unregistered vehicles built for burnout activities or any Burnout Vehicles with non-original windscreen or firewall and/or non-OEM power adders such as Superchargers and/or using Methanol as a fuel will be considered as Exhibition Burnout Vehicles. Exhibition Burnout will be required to undergo a Technical Inspection and issued a logbook as an Exhibition Burnout Vehicle. Body and chassis modifications must comply with relevant ANDRA requirements.”

Safety checks will also look at things like throttle and ignition operation, containment of fluids, and the integrity of all pipes and hoses carrying flammable liquids. Transmission protection devices such as scatter shields for manual cars and explosion-proof cases for automatic cars will also be required.

 As for vehicle occupants, they will be required to wear a driver’s suit meeting SFI 3.2A/5 or FIA 8856-2000 as a minimum. Shoes, socks, underwear and gloves meeting SFI or FIA fire standards will also be mandatory, along with a full-face helmet.

The rules also delve into burnout pad safety relating to walls around the pad, debris fencing, location of spectators and fire and medical teams.

You can read the full list of rules and regulations by clicking here. What do you think – is it a good idea getting ANDRA involved in the burnout scene?