Help name our movers and shakers of 2021

Next issue we'll be celebrating 40 years of Street Machine! And we need your help to name our sport's top movers and shakers


THE September issue of Street Machine is going to be a big one, packed full of goodies to celebrate our 40th anniversary. Not only will it weigh in at a massive 244 pages, but we’re sticking some giant-size posters in there too. And the cover? Let’s just say it’s going to be wild.

We’ve got a stack of cool stories planned for the mag, one of which is our tribute to our sport’s current crop of movers and shakers. People who are making good things happen, be it in a big way or at the grass roots level.

We can’t do it without your help, though! If you’d like to nominate a person or a group, leave a comment below explaining who they are, what they do and why you think they are doing great things for our sport. If you’d prefer to submit your suggestion privately, just email us at [email protected]

As a thought-starter, we’ll profile a couple of folks who are already on the shortlist below.

Steve & Cherie Karagiannis – Joe’s Diner

Brisbane and cruise nights go hand-in-hand. A killer car scene and great weather have provided the raw ingredients for decades, but tension with the constabularly has been a thorn in the side of meet organisers for just as long. Keeping the right vibe is hard yakka, but it pays off in spades, as Steve and Cherie Karagiannis have proved with their monthly meets at Joe’s Diner in Eagle Farm. By working with the police and the car owners, their event sees over 1000 cars each month.

Lance Warren – Heathcote Dragway

For an IT guy, Lance Warren is having a massive impact on Aussie drag racing. Ok, so he’s an IT guy who races a seven-second R35 GT-R, but what Lance has achieved at the central Victorian dragstrip in a few months is staggering. Since taking over the track at the end of 2020, Lance and the crew have continually upgraded the track amenities, all the while running events. Heathcote’s calendar is booked out with cool grass roots events and it seems like it will be only be a matter of time before the track will be able to host Group One racing for the first time in years.

Glenn Stankevicius

Glenn is not only one of the mainstays of the most-excellent Street Machine Association of South Australia, but he was instrumental opening up South Australia’s conditional registration scheme to a wider range of cars. Previously, the scheme was open only to street rods and bone-stock classics from 1979 or older. Thanks to Glenn and other dedicated enthusiasts, a rolling 30 year rule applies and the old ban on both modified cars and left-hand-drive has been overturned. As we’ve seen in other states, concessional rego not only gets more classics on the road, but is a boon for workshops, show promoters and anyone who wants to enjoy a cool old car!