Lego reveals customisable 1969 Camaro set

The 1456-piece set features swappable stripes, roof, and more


Lego has unveiled a perfect rival to its Creator Mustang in the form of an adult-oriented replica of a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28.

Due for an Australian release on September 1, the 1456-piece set is packaged with three sets of stripes – allowing the builder to choose between white, red or grey highlights against the black paint and red interior.

The hardtop is also detachable, which features a tiny pair of ‘fluffy’ dice hanging from the rear-view mirror. With the roof removed, there’s an additional back seat to replicate the soft-top look.

Other details include; a functional steering, a choice of standard or RS-style hideaway headlights, and two number plates – a yellow California-type piece and a black Michigan version paying homage to the Camaro’s place of origin and its ‘Panther’ working name.

Eagle-eyed viewers might also note the cross-shaped tailpipes, emulating the real car’s bowtie exhaust tips.

Of course, the scale Z28 also boasts opening doors, boot, and bonnet, which hides an impressive representation of a 302ci small-block Chevy powerplant.

Lego has even created a promotional video for the set, harnessing both ’60s car dealer charm and some clever use of forced perspective.

Measuring up at 13.5 inches long, the set will scale perfectly alongside the Creator Expert 1967 Mustang GT. That model also offered street machiner customisation options, including sidepipes, a massive supercharger, and even a boot-mounted nitrous bottle.

The Lego Icons’ Chevrolet Camaro Z28 will be priced at AU$249.99 at official Lego stores.