HSV launches limited edition range of LS3-powered weapons for its Maloo, Clubsport and Grange models


AS automobile manufacturing winds down in Australia there’s a rush on to produce one last hurrah of locally made hotties, and HSV has joined the fray with their limited edition SV Black and Track ranges.

HSV Maloo SV Back SeriesIt’s a smart move too. Ever since the release of the Gen-F2 models, with supercharged LSA engines across the range, there’s been a fairly wide price gap from the Holden SS-V Redline which starts at just under $50,000, to the HSV Clubsport R8 LSA at $80,990. These latest three models seek to provide some middle ground; they are the Clubsport and Maloo R8 SV Black, the Grange SV and the Clubsport R8 Track Edition, and they are all powered by the 340kW 6.2-litre LS3.

HSV Maloo SV Back Series 1The SV Black models are available in Clubsport R8 or Maloo R8 spec and are equipped satin black 20in alloy wheels and AP-Racing four-piston calipers with 367mm discs front and rear. Black accents and badging inside and out let everyone know what you’re driving, and each one will get an SV black ID badge behind the shifter and unique door plates. At $65,990 ($62,990 for the Maloo) is splits the price gap perfectly.

HSV Grange SV Black EditionThe Grange SV will be the last of its breed. With only 50 being built this will be your last chance to mix performance and luxury, and if you’ve ever driven one of HSV’s long-wheelbase flagships, you’ll know they have plenty of both. It gets the same 340kw/570Nm 6.2-litre LS3 donk but, unlike the SV Black models, the Grange is only available as a self-shifting 6-speed. At $86,990 it is a bit pricier than the current LSA powered Clubsports, but the level of luxury and refinement you get for your coin makes them feel like old Ladas by comparison.

HSV Clubsport Track Edition 3 NwFor those that like to rip through the gears and tip into a corner at high speed there’s the Clubsport R8 Track Edition. It is available in both auto and manual forms but we’re tipping that most will want a manual if they plan to live up to the vehicle’s name. The Track Edition gets a more aggressive rear spoiler than the SV Black, along with stiffer springs and shocks, and yellow six-piston AP-Racing brakes; which until now you could only get on the GTS. There will only be 150 of the Track Edition available (plus six for New Zealand) and the word is that HSV is looking to sell them all by October 31st, when Euro 5 emissions come into effect. At $68,990 you’ll be getting a lot for your money and the limited build numbers are sure to make it an instant collectible.

HSV Clubsport Track Edition 1 NwNo word officially on the much anticipated HSV GTS-R. It’s rumoured to be getting the ZR1 Corvette-tuned version of the supercharged 6.2-litre LSA up front – the 476kW (638hp) LS9 engine. The higher horsepower engine is a beast and chock full of upgrades to handle the extra rpm and power. It’s got titanium intake valves, forged pistons, titanium conrods, forged steel main bearing caps and a larger 2.3-litre supercharger (as opposed to the 1.9-litre on the LSA). All that extra gear adds up when it comes to price, as a crate engines the LS9 is $11,000USD more expensive than the LSA. Throw in the cost of a beefier driveline to handle the 819Nm of torque and all bets are off the chance of the GTS-R coming in under $150,000 when, and if, it ever hits the streets.

We’ll let you know as information comes to hand.