Harry Haig’s POP666 HQ Holden runs 7.40 @ 190mph

Victorian wild man Harry Haig has just steered his big-block HQ Holden to a new PB


WHEN we started Street Machine Drag Challenge back in 2014 we suspected that the street and strip scene in Australia would rise to meet the challenge, but even we are surprised at how far things have come. Our Drag Challenge Seven-second Club has four members – Terry Seng, Adam Rogash, Jarrod Wood and Quentin Feast, and there’s a bunch of others in the low eight second zone waiting for their moment.

Bubba Medlyn, Mark Drew and Harry Haig have all run sevens outside of Drag Challenge, but Harry stepped up to a whole new last weekend at Swan Hill Dragway when his HQ sedan went 7.401 at 190.27mph. That’s over 306km/h!

 Over 300km/h is fast in anything, but we can’t even begin to imagine what that kind of speed feels like in an old Quey.

“After Drag Challenge last year I tossed the toys out of the cot when it all went to shit,” Harry says. “So I dragged POP out of the naughty corner last week and sent it to Nathan Lloyd at Fabrication Techniques in Shepparton for two parachutes and to stretch the quarter for some 315s, plus some extra bar work to strength it up.”

 A brand new trans and converter from Simon Travaglini at All Fast Converters completed the puzzle and the guys thrashed all week to get the HQ ready for a private test day at Swan Hill Dragway. First run out the 3800lb streeter went 7.92 at 175mph and the boys knew they were on to something.

A quick phone call to Terry Seng was made and he gave some guidance to Harry’s son Corty to make the necessary tune up changes which yielded a 7.7 on the next pass. From there the big block blaster basically dropped a tenth every pass until they ran the 7.401.

 The car had a bit of a moment when the throttle stuck open at 190mph and even with two parachutes and a blown front tyre, due to a butt clenching brake lock up, Harry ended up in the gravel trap. That didn’t stop his day though. With a pair of borrowed front runners they gave it one last shot and with their quickest ever 60-foot time at 1.18 seconds POP666 was looking at another cracking time, but it wasn’t to be. Rocks from the gravel trap found their way out of various hidey holes and went under the tyres to disrupt the traction, but what a hell of a day.

Harry reckons there’s a couple further little changes to be made before Drag Challenge but it looks like the big tyre boys are coming out to play. Horsepower certainly doesn’t seem to be the problem, the Robbie Abbott built 540ci big block is punching out close to 1900hp to shift at 3800lb HQ at 190mph in the quarter. Will 2018 be the year that someone from Outlaw Blown wins DC?

Check out the PB pass in the video below: