Haltech’s new 10-inch digital dash is stunning

Haltech’s new uC-10 digital dash is right around the corner, so we take a closer look


Haltech changed the game when they launched their iC-7 digital display dashboard in late 2019, so much so that we’ve seen them more times than we can count in Street Machine feature cars since.

Building on that success, Haltech is only weeks away from bringing their even bigger, crispier uC-10 dash to market. Like the seven-inch iC-7, the 10 in the uC-10 name refers to the mammoth 10-inch screen size. 

The screen itself can be easily viewed from up to 70 degrees of angle, so you’ll be able to see all your vitals from anywhere in the cockpit. The screen resolution is 1280 x 480, with 600 lumens of brightness.

Unlike the iC-7, the uC-10 does away with external buttons and shift lights, Haltech taking on marketing feedback to simplify the bigger display. Just like the iC-7 the uC-10 has a customisable interface, which is done through Haltech’s NSP software. 

The new uC-10 also includes Wi-Fi compatibility, with an antenna included in the dash kit. Right now it isn’t operational, but will become functional with a firmware update soon!

Will the new uC-10 replace the iC-7?

No, the iC-7 is here to stay. The uC-10 is an addition to the range, with punters now being able to choose between the two. The iC-7 will continue to cop software updates in line with the uC-10, so don’t sweat about having outdated technology if you already have an iC-7.

How much does the uC-10 cost?

The uC-10 has an RRP of AU$2950.00 at the time of writing, via Haltech’s website. For reference, the basic iC-7 kit is $1599.00. The uC-10 kit includes a 34 pin connector, USB-C cable, mounting screws, a Wi-Fi antenna, instructions, Haltech keytag and of course stickers!

Can I buy a uC-10 now?

The uC-10 is available for pre order on Haltech’s website. At the time of publishing, Haltech intends to ship the initial batch of orders on or just after July 8 this year. The first batch is limited, so if you’re super keen on one then get your pre order in ASAP at this link here.

If I have an iC-7, can I easily upgrade to the uC-10?

Yep! Haltech have made it super simple to upgrade, using the same mounting points on the uC-10 as the iC-7. Connectivity is just as simple as the iC-7 too, so the uC-10 will hook up to your Haltech engine or ignition management just as easily as the iC-7. The uC-10 is also compatible with some Link, MoTec, Microtech ECUs and some OBD II.

Does the uC-10 do data logging?

Yes! The uC-10 can log up to 512mb of data with looping. Unfortunately, for now it doesn’t have lap timing capability.

To find out more and place a pre order, just head to haltech.com