Gosford Classic Car Museum muscle car auction results

There were plenty of cool rides fetching big money at the Gosford Classic Car Museum auction on the weekend


JUST over a month ago, the news broke that the Gosford Classic Car Museum was closing its doors for good. While the circumstances around its closure are rather messy, there was one major positive – some seriously cool iron was up for grabs on the auction block.

The auction took place over the weekend, with some solid numbers being put down in the pursuit of owning some true Aussie classics. We do need to point out that the prices listed below are just estimates, based off the auction live stream, as Lloyds Auctions does not publish the final figures of the winning bids.

A super-rare ’71 E38 Charger was optioned with the bigger fuel tank, making for hot bidding that ended up in the vicinity of $137,000 (est).

This HQ SS went for a little less money than predicted, potentially due to the LPG system and non-original donk under the bonnet. It still fetched an estimated $55,000.

The Camaro built by Chip Foose was a big surprise when the numbers started flashing up, as many argued that the car would be an acquired taste styling-wise. It was asking near $200,000 when the hammer came down.

A ’68 XT Falcon GT demanded over $120,000 and change, proving the GT price rise is not exclusive to the bigger XY and XW’s.

While a freshly restored genuine XB GT coupe went for $165,000 (est).

The HDT VC Commodore race special from the Holden camp went for an estimated $94,000! As far as we’re aware, this is car is unrestored and original.

This police-spec VK Commodore SL pulled in roughly $39,000. Big bucks for an old Commodore, but values of VKs in particular have really been on the rise recently.

This super-clean RX-4 left the auction block at an estimated $54,000, an indication that rising rotary values are my no means limited to RX-3s and RX-7s.