GMC Yukon V8 coming to Australia in 2025

GMC is looking to take on the Y62 Patrol and LandCruiser LC300 with an eight-seater, V8 Petrol Yukon SUV in 2025


GMSV has today announced they will be bringing the GMC Yukon to Australia from 2025, converted to right hand drive here in Melbourne.

The Yukon will be offered in the higher-spec Denali trim, sold out of dealers alongside GMSV’s Silverado range. Here in Australia, it’ll be powered by the same LT2 6.2-litre petrol V8 in the Silverado 1500. Like the Silverado it’ll produce 313kW and 624Nm, using a 10-speed auto with a dual-range transfer case.

The Yukon will be available in an eight-seat layout, a standout for a sector that has had a seating limit of seven. Towing capacity is also one step above, rated at 3630kg for the Australian models. While down significantly from the Silverado 1500s 4500kg rating, the Yukon still trumps all other locally-offered SUVs which currently max out at 3500kg.

Pricing and full Australian spec won’t be confirmed by GMSV for atleast another 12 or so months, but we do know that the equivalent Denali V8 4WD model in the US currently has an MSRP of $126,000 when converted to AUD.

Given both the LC300 and Y62 Nissan Patrol both peak over $100,000 in higher-spec trim, it wouldn’t surprise us if the Yukon is north of $140,000 by the time it hits dealers here.

The announcement of the Yukon for the Australian market comes on GMSV’s third anniversary, also stating that this year the company has converted and remanufactured 8000 Silverados in their south east Melbourne factory.

“GMSV has made a real impression in the local market and, thanks to this success, we’ve been able to make a strong business case for additional models and this latest arrival is testament to these achievements,” said Greg Rowe, Director of GMSV.