Subscribe and score a Street Machine beanie!

A great deal, just in time for the big chill!

Photographers: Chris Thorogood

We love our caps at Street Machine, but we know they don’t really cut the mustard when the temperatures start to plummet.

It can be tough to keep your scone warm while you’re out at the drags, toiling away at night in a chilly shed, or posted up at kids’ sport while retaining that SM representation.

That’s why we’re now offering a free beanie with every print subscription to Street Machine purchased, whether it’s six or 26 issues!

These beanies are $40 each on their own via the SM store, so this subscription package is a pretty good deal if you ask us.

You’ll get a free beanie with your print subscription purchase up until July 31, 2022 or while stocks last.

It’s been about ten years since we made a new beanie, and they’re a commonly requested item, so get on it before they disappear!