Auction watch: VS GTSR replica, FG FPV GT, VZ Maloo, LX Hatch

It’s another smattering of hot Holdens in this week’s Grays classic car auction


It’s that time of the week again when we take a look at what’s on offer in Grays’ weekly classic car auction, and the haul this week is a bloody ripper.

We’ve got chrome- and plastic-bumpered Holdens, a super-cool American cruiser and a virtually brand-new GT Falcon. All the listings are live now, with the quoted highest bids accurate at the time of writing, and bidding wraps up from 8pm AEDT on 29 March.

First up is this VS GTSR replica, presented as accurately as possible without being tagged as the real deal.

Unlike many other replicas, it’s not running some fancy LS conversion or (god forbid) a V6. The driveline is full GTSR spec, with the optional Hydratrak LSD rear end, correct six-speed manual ’box, and, allegedly, the 215i version of the iron lion V8.

The interior is all GTSR-accurate as well, from the beefy Houndstooth bucket seats all the way down to the HSV-stamped cassette player. Other than the replica tri-spoke wheel being a fair bit bigger than HSV intended back in 1996, it’s as close as you’ll get to the real deal without shelling out major coin.

GTSR build #1 sold at auction for over AU$1 million last year, so this thing could multiply its current bid of $23,500 by 10 and you’d still be in the black.

Before we jump into more Holdens, we need to make mention of this 2014 FPV GT, as it’s probably as close to an as-new example as you could find.

That’s because it only has 1166km on the clock, and as you’d expect, the condition inside and out reflects that. Being an FG GT, you get the locally tickled and supercharged 335kW version of Ford’s 5.0-litre Coyote, paired with a silky smooth ZF six-speed auto.

Online listings for GTs like this usually top over AU$100,000, so we wouldn’t be surprised if another $100K was added to the $41,509 top bid it currently has.

Continuing the modern Aussie muscle trend is this 2006 VZ Maloo Series II, commanding a top bid of just AU$16,200!

The VZ HSV range was the first to cop the LS2, and this one is paired with the much better six-speed manual. It also features a VCM OTR intake, tune and a twin three-inch exhaust. Team that with a neat interior and an exterior that features the optional R8 hard lid with the spoiler, and it’s a hard thing to pass up. Just don’t expect that AU$16,200 bid to last long, as these things command between AU$40,000-$60,000 these days.

If a V8-shoved Holden of that era is what you’re after but the HSV is a bit too lairy, this sleepy 2005 VZ Berlina V8 should fit the bill perfectly.

It claims to be a one-owner car with logbooks to account for all of its 64,000km. As a semi-luxury Berlina, it comes with a sunroof, leather interior with piano-black accents, and a set of Holden By Design 17-inch wheels.

Being a Berlina factory-fitted with the 250kW, 5.7-litre LS1 V8 makes it a pretty rare bird as well, and the current top bid of AU$27,000 reflects that.

There’s a few chrome-bumper Lions to be found in this week’s auction, too, including this 1977 HZ Kinger that’s packing a supercharged LS!

There isn’t a huge amount of info in the listing, but it does claim to have a beefed-up auto transmission to deal with the extra grunt from the force-fed 6.0-litre LS.

The bidding is at an OCD-friendly AU$22,222, with a reserve seemingly still a fair way off being broken.

Like just about everything else, the Torana hatch market has seen a big spike in the past 18-24 months, meaning even rolling shells are garnering some serious dollars.

This 1978 rolling shell isn’t in the best condition, but it’s the actual shape of the body that restorers and street machiners will care about.

There’s no gearbox or engine as per the pics, and only about half an interior remains. But that just gives you the perfect excuse to turn this hatch into whatever you want it to be without worrying about wrecking a classic.

A similar roller sold at auction for around AU$45,000 last year, so we’re not surprised the current bid of AU$7500 is a way off of breaking the reserve.

Finishing off our picks this week isn’t another crusty Holden but instead this awesome 1967 Oldsmobile 442 V8 coupe.

Still in its original left-hook layout, this beautiful Olds makes us want to take it out cruising on a warm Saturday night, basking in the luxury of the bright-red 60s interior and enjoying the soundtrack of the 442-cube V8 donk.

The current bid of AU$5100 doesn’t even go close to doing this car justice, but your guess is as good as ours about what kind of bid will be needed to break the reserve.

To check out these and all the other lots up for auction at Grays, follow the link here.