Ford F-150 Lightning reimagined as SVT tribute

A brand best known for enhancing V8s has designed a modern SVT Lightning, complete with an electric powertrain


The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is the first fully-electric pick-up truck to emerge from the Blue Oval, giving us an insight into the carmaker’s future as it transitions from petrol and diesel to battery power.

To help differentiate the electric F-150 from its internal-combustion siblings, Ford borrowed the Lightning badge from its past – a name historically reserved for performance models, before the Raptor took over.

American performance brand Holley must have been pining for the past, commissioning Czech digital artist Rostislav Prokop to reimagine the F-150 Lightning as a faithful tribute to the original utes from SVT.

A set of 20-inch wheels, lowered suspension, and a wide bodykit with front and rear spoilers have been added to create a mean and modern SVT Lightning – worthy of a shop truck for The Racer’s Edge.

Holley admits the 563hp (420kW) and 1051Nm available from the newest Lightning is plenty enough for most, but based Prokop’s creation on the SuperCab body with the 6.5-foot tub, rather than the usual dual-cab, long-bed on the current model.

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