For the Kids series hits Heathcote Park Raceway this weekend!

The For the Kids series is revving up this weekend at HPR, and all for a great cause


There’s nothing better than seeing the younger generations getting involved in motorsport, and a new non for-profit charity series is aimed around giving kids a much needed foot in the door to what can be an expensive sport.

The For the Kids series was started earlier this year, spearheaded by Simon and Paris Florrimell. “The Mission of FTK is to provide kids from all walks of life opportunities they would not have access to,” Simon said in a video statement about FTK on Facebook. “Our events are designed to raise money to go towards programs that we will offer in the future.”

The eventual goal for FTK is to be able to fund junior development in all types of motorsport, starting with drag racing. The fund raising events are designed for all types of drag cars and ages to enter, aiming to raise as much money as possible for FTK’s cause.

FTK is in full swing planning their second major event, which’ll take place this Saturday 7 October at Heathcote Park Raceway. Stephen Verschuren is both a committee member of FTK and works in senior management at HPR, so it made sense to host the event at the central Victorian track.

“It’s going to be an awesome event, we’ve booked a DJ, there’ll be food trucks, show and shine, burnout and drift demos on the burnout pad and of course the drag racing all day,” he says.

The drag racing formats will include dial-in, heads-up, call outs and all different variety of race machines, including some junior dragsters.

Lance Warren and the HPR management have donated the track hire to FTK for the event, aiming to have all money raised put straight back into FTKs ambitions to grow their cause.

“We’ve been preparing an exit road at the eighth-mile mark (at Heathcote) to suit the junior dragsters, as the whole track, run off area and return road aren’t needed for their racing,” says Stephen. “So we’ve donated the track hire, and in return some of the money raised for FTK will be used to fund the concrete and final bits needs for that exit lane. That way we can run junior dragsters properly going forward.”

In keeping in spirit with the event, all junior dragsters will be able to enter the drag racing on 7 October free of charge (with their own vehicle). “We’ll also be offering free seats in the drift demos to kids over 14 years old, because we want to get them as involved as possible,” says Stephen.

Entries for FTKs Go Big or Go Home on Saturday are still live, with the organisers keen to secure more entrants for the drags, show and shine and so on. Simon Paris gave punters a big rev up on FTKs Facebook page yesterday:

“We are calling out everyone that is serious to put their cars where their mouths are, register – it can be a race car, show car, or come as a spectator for our next event,” he said. “Go Big or Go Home, this Saturday October 7. We can’t do it without you all, so be part of something great.”

You can register for the upcoming 7 October event by heading to the FTK website here, and stay updated by joining the Heathcote Park Raceway Facebook group and following FTKs socials.

FTK will not just be run at HPR, as Stephen says he and the FTK committee have great ambitions to take FTK national on their mission going forward. “We’d love to get to The Bend Dragway, South Coast Raceway, Mildura, maybe even Sydney involved, really raise awareness for this cause and get as many people and sponsors involved as possible,” he says.

So if you’re free this Saturday, head to Heathcote Park Raceway for drags, drift, show and shine, DJ, food trucks and most importantly to support a great cause!