Download every Street Machine cover in poster form!

The 40th anniversary Street Machine mag features a giant-size poster decked out with every SM cover ever – and now we've made it available to download!


The September issue of Street Machine is an action-packed, high-octane celebration of the mag’s 40 anniversary. It weighs in at a stonking 244 pages and has a stack of awesome historical yarns on top of your regular dose of horsepower.

One of our favourite features of the mag is the poster. Not only is it larger than usual, but one side features every single cover of Street Machine we’ve ever produced!

There is 400 of them in total, including both versions of the June 2000 cover (with and without Imogen Bailey) and the cover of Van Wheels 11.

On the other side, we’ve reproduced the full cover of the September mag, starring HQFORU.

We thought you guys might like to download the cover poster for your computer desktop or to print out yourself, so here it is!

You can either click on the poster photo above and hit the download icon in the top-right of the gallery, or you can load it right here (8.5mb).

Our mates at Kustom Kraft Design have already grabbed the download and are going to wrap the door to the boss’s office!