Oh, no! Fast & Furious spin-offs are coming

If you've been hoping that the end of the Fast & Furious franchise is near, prepare for disappointment


Sorry haters. Not only are there two more Fast & Furious sequels coming after the just-dropped Fast X, but Vin Diesel has let slip that there are multiple spin-off flicks coming down the pipe.

Speaking to Variety at a recent Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project Block Party, Diesel said that a spin-off movie centered on the F&F women is in the works. Diesel went on to say that once the original series of films winds up, he can “launch all the spin-offs.”

“I started developing the female spinoff…in 2017 with other spinoffs, and the sooner I deliver the finale, the sooner I can launch all the spinoffs,” Diesel told Variety.

“Look how many characters and great talent there is in the movie,” Diesel said of Fast X. “There was no way I can pull that off unless I had everyone on for five seconds. These characters are appealing and we need to see more of them.”

While you’d think Michelle Rodriguez would be the natural choice for the lead of a female-lead F&F, she is not so sure, according to Variety.

“You pass the baton on. You take the back seat,” she said. “You go passenger side. When it comes the next generation, you have to. It’s the only way to let them define the future.”

Fast X Review

We snuck into the Melbourne premiere of Fast 10 (AKA Fast X) last night to feast our eyes on the latest family-fuelled adventure before it hits cinemas across Australia tomorrow.

Previously billed as the first of a two-piece conclusion to the main Fast and Furious saga, Vin Diesel seems to have let slip there could be actually be three parts.

Minor car-related spoilers ahead, so tread carefully if you want to go in totally blind!

Of course, aside from the crazy set pieces and returning baddies-turned-goodies, there’s a cool roster of cars getting screentime. A few of our favourites include:

Best cars from Fast X

  • 1966 Impala SS coupe
  • US Fairlane coupe
  • RB26-powered Datsun 240Z
  • Dodge Charger
  • DeLorean Alpha5 EV concept
  • 1992 Fox-body Mustang

There is a lot to like, including the metallic purple ’66 Impala SS coupe driven by Jason Momoa’s villain, Dante Reyes, clad in colour-matched silk.

The US Fairlane coupe with a Thunderbolt scoop and big Pro Mod-style wing cops a thrashing from Dante.

One of Dom’s family friends street races a widebody, RB26-powered Datsun 240Z (great to see some actual street racing back!)

Of course, Dom gets behind the wheel of his iconic black Dodge Charger for some major carnage, and the DeLorean Alpha5 EV concept makes a brief cameo.

As for our pick? While it doesn’t see any racing action, known muscle car nut John Cena (playing Dom’s F9 brother Jakob) rolls in a ’92 Fox-body Mustang, replete with Convo Pros. In-canon, he’s hung onto the car for 30 years following its brief flashback appearance in the last flick (above), and he imparts some great Vanilla Ice-inspired wisdom to Dom’s son involving cassette tapes.

Our verdict:

As for the rest of the movie? The plot is your usual revenge yarn we’ve seen play out in these films before, and the big ensemble cast makes things feel a bit disjointed and bloated at times.

Momoa is a real highlight with his flamboyant outfits and (generally) funny lines in a welcome subversion of the usual super-hardass F&F villain, and delivers a few meta jabs about family, BBQs, and beers.

Turn your brain down a bit, ignore the at-times ropey CGI (and almost always ropey physics) and enjoy Fast 10 for what it is: a riotous celebration of doing crazy things with automobiles.

Our rating: 7/10

The story to here

The first trailer for Fast 10 has dropped and it is jammed with juicy details for fans of the Fast & Furious franchise.

Fast 10 – also styled as Fast X, is said to be the penultimate film in the series and will be released in Aussie Cinemas 18 May.

Clocking in at four minutes, the trailer reveals a stack of call backs to the previous films, wild set pieces and some interesting retcons. Here’s our highlights:

  • Brian is back, using footage of the late Paul Walker from Fast Five
  • Jason Momoa is the big bad guy. His motivation? Turns out, the Fast Five baddie Hernan Reyes is probably his dad. They even retcon Momoa into the bridge battle scene the fifth flick
  • John Cena is back as Dom’s brother Jakob, but is now working with the Toretto clan. Oh yeah, he’s got rocket launchers strapped to his Ranchero
  • We get a street race in a Fast & Furious movie! How about that
  • The movie features some kind of automotive soccer game, using a giant iron ball in the streets of Rome
  • After going into space in the previous installment, Fast 10 is more firmly grounded in reality. Jokes – Dom kills two helicopters with his car

We’ll leave it to you to discover the rest of the fun details revealed in the trailer.

And yep, no doubt many of you will be groaning at the idea of yet another F&F movie. We get it, but we can’t help be be charmed by the outrageous silliness of the whole thing.

And if you get lost with the interminable amount of of characters and plot twists in the series, check out Aussie comedian Michelle Brasier’s epic one hour, 20 minute breakout on the Do Go On podcast here. Her enthusiasm for the franchise will melt all but the most cynical of hearts: