Are you ready for Days of Thunder 2?

Rubbing, son, is racing!


Following the massive success of last year’s Top Gun: Maverick, Tom Cruise is reportedly dropping the hammer on Days of Thunder 2.

According to Giant Freakin Robot (and credited to unspecified sources), Cruise is developing a script for a sequel to the late Tony Scott’s 1990 NASCAR flick, with Maverick director Joseph Kosinski at the helm.

Days of Thunder, which starred Cruise as fresh-to-the-series racer Cole Trickle, didn’t attract the same kind of success as the OG Top Gun enjoyed in 1987.

It raked in less than half the box office earnings and earned middle-of-the-road reviews, meaning it hasn’t been the most attractive source for a legacy sequel.

Revisiting the film has been on the radar, though, with Cruise turning down Paramount Pictures’ offer of a Days of Thunder TV series last year. If Cruise was already putting together a movie script, his decision makes sense.

The actor, famed for doing his own stunt work, was recently seen crewing for Mercedes on a pitstop during Miami Grand Prix practice. It may have just been a publicity stunt, but we’d like to believe it represents him getting back into car mode.

Robert Duvall (now 92) featured as Trickle’s crew chief in Days of Thunder, with Nicole Kidman as his on-screen love interest. No bets on her returning, given she split with Cruise in 2001.

John C. Reilly also made an early-career appearance as Trickle’s car chief; here’s hoping he’s up for another round as a great full-circle callback to Talladega Nights, where he raced a Monte Carlo NASCAR alongside Will Ferrell’s Ricky Bobby.

Though it’s far too early to know any plot details, maybe we’ll see Trickle or a new generation under his tutelage take on Le Mans in a NASCAR – recent historical precedent, and all.