NSW couple arrested for falsely claiming ‘their’ XW Falcon was stolen


TWO people from NSW have been charged over allegedly making false claims of vehicle theft. Back in June the couple claimed their XW Falcon GT had been hijacked by armed thieves when they pulled over on Cawdor Road, Cawdor, to deal with engine issues.

They told police two people in a white van pulled up behind them and a Caucasian man approached them and spoke to them about the XW for a few minutes, before threatening them with a gun and driving off with the car. They claimed the car was a Starlight Blue XW that was worth up to $100,000.

At the time Inspector Michael Bright of Camden Police said the alleged incident was “unusual”, as the thieves wouldn’t be able to sell the car or use it themselves since such a distinctive vehicle would be spotted almost immediately.

Today NSW Police confirmed that a 37-year-old woman and a 47-year-old man have been arrested for fraud. Police believe the stolen Falcon never existed and the pair made up the story in order to lodge a false insurance claim.

The two accused of the fraud are expected to appear in court on 12 January 2016; if convicted they face up to 10 years’ imprisonment.